Demo for Capturing Webpages with WebCollect

WebCollect is an extension for capturing webpages directly from IE and Mozilla Firefox. You can select a part or whole webpage including graphics to capture and save within myBase .nyf databases.

WebCollect for IE5+

Right-click on a webpage, the 'Save with myBase' menu item appears. If the context menu is not available in a particular webpages, you may also press the 'WebCollect' button on the IE's toolbar.

In order to capture a portion of the webpage, you'll need to first hilight the part on the webpage that you're interested in.

WebCollect for Mozilla Firefox 1.x/2.x/3.x

Within Firefox, you can also right-click on a webpage and choose the 'Save with myBase' menu item. This menu item is also available on the 'Tools' menu.

Choose the 'Save with myBase' menu item from within the web browser, the WebCollect window pops up. ( see below )

Selecting a Target .nyf Database

On this Tab, you can choose either a target .nyf database, or a currently running myBase instance ( if any ) for saving the webpage.

Specifying a Target Info Item

On this Tab, you can choose a target info item where the webpage is being inserted.

In the event that the target tree outline is not displayed but with a short message, it indicates that the selected .nyf database is already loaded within another running myBase instance. The webpage will be sent to and saved with that instance. And you may now determine a target info item within the selected myBase instance.

Some More Options

On the 'Options' Tab within the IE version, you will find additional options that are determining how the webpage is captured and saved.

While the Firefox version includes a list of linked objects, whereby you can select or deselect items to be captured.

Viewing the Captured Webpage

Then you can open the .nyf database with myBase, and you'll see the captured webpage.

Download for Free Trial

To download a 30-day free trial version, please visit our download site.